Summer 2023 - Top stories so far this year

Tech hypes come and go – AI’s in, metaverse’s out

Not so long ago all the hype was about the metaverse. Crypto also had its moment. Now it’s AI’s turn (1 min read)

Chinese brands’ popularity grows worldwide

China is increasingly seen by the US and Europe as a threat. Still, Western consumers love TikTok, Shein and other Chinese brands (1 min read)

India continues ascent to become global super power

India is becoming a global super power, helped by factors such as a booming economy, population growth and success in international politics (2 min read)

US, EU challenge each other in race to be climate champions

First, the US approved a huge plan to invest in clean energy and reward climate-friendly businesses. The EU then presented its own climate plan. A US-EU climate race is on (1 min read)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is also a war on the environment

Damages include huge forest areas that have completely burned down and thousands of dolphins in the Black Sea killed by mines and submarine sonars (1 min read)

Why central banks want more people to lose their jobs

The US Fed and other major central banks around the world think it’d be good for the economy today if more people lost their jobs. Here’s why (1 min read)

Trump indictment is historic and a major challenge

Donald Trump became the first US president ever to face criminal charges. It’s unclear whether that’s good or bad for the country’s democracy (2 min read)


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