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Teens start Futureshot to tackle sustainability challenges

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February 2021
Meet the co-founder of Futureshot Factory:

Who are you?
I'm Riya Mehta. I’m a high school student in Toronto and just turned 18.

What’s Futureshot Factory?
I started Futureshot last year together with a friend that I met at the Knowledge Society. Futureshot started as a think tank but is now turning into a consulting business. We want to help other companies tackle issues such as education, gender equality and the environment.

Why did you start Futureshot Factory?
When I joined the Knowledge Society I got to learn about many different problems that we have in the world today. We also got to work on solving different challenges. That’s taught med a set of skills that I want to use to solve problems. I want to work towards specific goals and finding solutions.

Where do you see yourself and Futureshot Factory one year from now?
I hope we succeed in turning Futureshot into offering consulting services and be able to help businesses in different areas. I’d also like to create an internship program for high school students so we can mentor them and help them work on the projects they want. On a personal level I want to go to university and study international business or international affairs.

Find out more on Futureshot’s website

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