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Youth-led CurEthica works for healthcare equality

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February 2021
Meet CurEthica’s Kithusa Arulendran:

Who are you?
Hi, my name is Kithusa Arulendran. I’m 14 years old. I live in Ontario, Canada, and I am a Twitter manager at CurEthica as well as a freshman at J Clarke Richardson.

What’s CurEthica?
CurEthica is a youth-led initiative on a mission to uncover healthcare shortcomings and ultimately, identify and implement solutions to healthcare disparity. We believe healthcare must be rid of all forms of discrimination and prejudice for it to be truly safe and accessible to all. Imagine the full potential of healthcare services when equality is achieved? When the time comes for the healthcare system to recognize and further respect the cultural, linguistic, and social differences. Envision the increase of opportunities for people to live their healthiest life possible no matter the social or racial standing.

Why did you start CurEthica?
Initially, we had thought of all the discrimination within the healthcare system so we thought of creating an organization that could help people of all cultures, religions and races to feel comfortable in a hospital environment. Along with making sure medical experts treating every patient/person equally while performing their respected duties. As previously stated, we started CurEthica through our vision of healthcare equality in the nearby future. We are passionate about healthcare equality, and we do this through fundraising, spreading awareness and helping those who are in need of proper healthcare.

Where do you see yourself and CurEthica one year from now?
The directors of CurEthica are aware that their mission is something that will take very long to achieve, but they are ready to work for ethical healthcare for everyone! That being said, in a year, they hope to have accomplished some major projects, to become a registered non-profit, and to have at least 2 successful fundraising campaigns that will help provide medical aid to those in need!"

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