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Biden is transforming the role of government

March 2021
US President Joe Biden’s plan to help people recover from the economic troubles caused by the corona pandemic “is one of the most important pieces of legislation of our lifetimes,” writes David Brooks in an opinion article in The New York Times.

The plan, which was approved by Congress earlier this month, increases the role of government in reducing economic insecurity and inequality. That’s a huge break from earlier plans that have had more direct impact on the wealthy and businesses.

Thanks to the plan the poorest households will get higher income and Black farmers will receive more financial support. The plan also offers aid for health insurance and child care, aiming to support the poor and middle class.

In 1981 President Ronald Reagan introduced laws to allow businesses to operate more freely and for people to manage on their own without much government support. That’s what the US needed back then. Joe Biden is doing what the country needs right now, writes Brooks.

A few decades ago there was a general expectation that young people who worked hard could eventually make more money than their parents and have a better life. The future was bright. Today, that’s not a feeling shared by millennials and Gen Z.

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