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How to control your impulse shopping

March 2021
Saving and investing are important elements for achieving financial freedom. How you spend your money is also key.

Money reporter Kenadi Silcox last month wrote the article How to train your brain to stop making impulse purchases, according to a financial psychologist.

In her talk with WhyFIMatter$ Kenadi explains how marketing works and how you can understand your own psychology to control impulse spending. She says “the big thing that marketers and advertisers have learned to do is play on people's sense of scarcity and their insecurity.”

Kenadi also ads “your time, your money and your energy is valuable. Put them towards things that are going to serve you in the future.”

Listen to WhyFIMatter$’s interview with Kenadi Silcox here:

The "Why" Behind Spending ft. Journalist, Kenadi Silcox

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