7th grader Daisy is taking action for inclusion

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March 2021
Meet the founder of Including You:

Who are you?
I’m Daisy Hampton. I’m 12 years old and a 7th grader in New York City.

What’s Including You?
Including You is a peer-to-peer mentorship and philanthropic organization. We pair kids with physical, developmental or learning disabilities with peer volunteers for learning, friendship and fun. We also focus on digital inclusion and raise money to provide laptops and hotspots for kids who have missed out on remote learning because they lacked a device.

Why did you start Including You ?
When we started remote learning last March, I knew it would be a problem for some of my classmates, who didn’t have cell phones or laptops and already had to do computer homework at school during recess. With schools shut down, these kids were suddenly deprived of the opportunity to learn. They simply didn’t have the computers and/or the internet access needed to be educated online. They missed out on a lot. I also knew there were lots of other kids who felt left out, excluded, and even lonely -- during the pandemic and even before that.

I tried to think of a solution. How could we come together and create a supportive place where everyone can feel safe, secure and seen? A place where we are all included. And so, I created Including You, and now we have mentor-mentee pairs throughout the country. We can laugh and learn together.

Where do you see yourself and Including You one year from now?
A year from now, I hope to continue to have a platform to advocate for equity and inclusion. I hope Including You expands and that more parents of kids with disabilities become aware that we have a waiting list of kind, smart and fun volunteers waiting to be paired up with a mentee. Also, I hope to continue to expand internationally. I have been meeting with students at a girls’ school in Rwanda, and we are sending them some laptops and are about to start working on a service project together. I am looking forward to that as well.

Find out more on Including You’s website

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