Teens Paris and Avril team up to end exclusion

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June 2021
Meet the creators of Fearless Identities:

Who are you?
We are Paris and Avril Lux and we are two 14-year-old girls who want to end social exclusion. We want to support anyone who feels ignored or isolated.

What ‘s Fearless Identities?
Fearless Identities is a place where you can share your small achievements when you don't have anyone else to tell. It's a safe-space for people who feel like they aren't being heard. We provide positive news and motivation to show the good sides of life, since the bad sides are always in the news.

Why did you start Fearless Identities?
We decided to make Fearless Identities because we were socially excluded ourselves. We felt like we didn't belong. Being isolated and alone made us feel like our achievements didn't matter—I started learning how to code and we decided to make a website to allow people to share their achievements.

Where do you see yourself and Fearless Identities one year from now?
One year from now, I think Fearless Identities would help others be more confident and proud of the small things that they do. We hope to let others feel proud of their achievements no matter how small or big it is! We hope that they can find the positive sides of life and hope that our website inspires others to speak to people who might seem like they're being socially excluded.

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