Teens are creating platform for paid internships

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August 2021
Meet the creators of IntraZeal

Who are you?
Hi, we are Shruti and Naina, 17-year-old high school students from India.

What ‘s IntraZeal?
IntraZeal is a platform through which one can find the perfect, paid, and genuine internships. We believe in the idea of getting paid for what we work.

This is a platform for both, internship seekers as well as recruiters.

Why are you starting IntraZeal?
In this generation, everybody is hyped up by the idea of getting an internship, may it be a 12-year-old kid or a 26-year-old person.

We have heard many stories of people falling into fraudulent internships, they do a specific work given to them but often end up falling into the trap of not getting paid for what they deserve.

So, IntraZeal will help our audience to find the "perfect-paid" internships suitable to them without falling for fraud recruiters/companies.

Where do you see yourself and IntraZeal one year from now?
We see ourselves and our startup, IntraZeal achieving great heights, attracting investors, and giving the absolute product to our audience for what they deserve.

If possible, we want our project to be called as one of the "best teen-startups in India" And adding more members to the "IntraZeal Gang" is on top of our list.

We are soon launching our Discord server for recruiters as well as internship seekers, so stay tuned for that!

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