‘Good Kill’ is a timely film after ‘Casualty Files’ report

December 2021
Good Kill is a movie about a US drone pilot that starts to question the ethics of his missions in the Middle East as he kills people by dropping bombs remotely from a computer in Las Vegas.

The 2014-film starring Ethan Hawke is based on actual events and gives an important take on the era of drone warfare. It’s a must-see especially after The New York Times recently reported about the failures of drone attacks.

In The Civilian Casualty Files investigation, The New York Times uncovered secret documents showing that US airstrikes in the Middle East since 2014 killed thousands of civilians, including children.

For more on this subject read What to Know About the Civilian Casualty Files.

Here’s the trailer for Good Kill:

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To get the full story check out different sources offering in-depth coverage.
And think critically.
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