‘Lions for Lambs’ raises questions on duty and politics

January 2022
Lions for Lambs, costarring Andrew Garfield, raises critical questions about how the interplay between politicians and the media while people show little interest about issues that matter.

The 2007 movie tells three stories. One is a about a politician (Tom Cruise) trying to get a reporter (Meryl Streep) to write a positive story on the US military strategy in the Middle East.

The second is about two idealist college students who decide to enlist as soldiers as a way to change the system from the inside.

And in the third story Andre Garfield plays an apathetic and cynical student having a deep conversation with his professor on whether there’s even a point in engaging in the political debate and assuming one’s duty as a citizen.

Lions for Lambs is a compelling watch. Check out the trailer:

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