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Olympics to allow men in artistic swimming for first time

January 2023
Men will for the first time ever be allowed to compete in Olympic artistic swimming as the games move to become more gender equal.

The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris will be the first to allow men to compete in artistic swimming, the international swimming federation World Aquatics said last month.

Still, a few disciplines continue to exclude one sex or the other.

For example, rhythmic gymnastics is open only for female athletes while decathlon, where the gold medalist gets to be called the world’s greatest athlete, is open only for male athletes.

Also, allowing both males and females to participate in all disciplines won’t be enough to secure equality.

One reason for that is that a number of events are performed and ruled in different ways based on sex.

For example, in gymnastics men compete in events focusing on strength while some women events put more emphasis on artistic skill.

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