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Plant-based meat is losing popularity and turning into a flop

January 2023
Plant-based beef is losing popularity and failing to live up to the promises of upending the meat industry and saving the world.

Companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have been considered to represent the future of sustainable food.

They offer people the chance to eat beef-tasting food without having to slaughter animals.

With plant-based meat we wouldn’t have to burn so much fossil fuels and use other resources to raise, transport and kill animals for beef. That would be good news for Earth’s climate.

The likes of Bill Gates, Kyrie Irving, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian have invested in and/or promoted plant-based meat. Still, the hype has faded.

Supermarket sales of refrigerated plant-based meat have dropped in the past year, reports Bloomberg. The same has happened to orders for plant-based burgers at restaurants.

One reason behind the negative trend is increasing concerns that plant-based meats may be unhealthy.

Also, plant-based meats are more expensive than animal meat and recent economic troubles may be pushing people to choose the cheaper alternative.

so what?
Plant-based meat’s decreasing popularity is a major setback to reducing humans’ negative impact on climate change.

Still, development of new alternatives to animal meats are in the works.

A new alternative is so-called cellular meat, aka cultivated meat. It’s grown in giant tanks from cells harvested from living animals.

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