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Western tanks seen as powerful weapon to help Ukraine

January 2023
Germany, the US and other Western countries have been discussing about supporting Ukraine with their most advanced tanks.

So far Ukraine has been fighting Russian troops using tanks designed by Soviets during the Cold War that ended in 1991.

As Russia maintains its attacks, Ukraine has asked for more advanced tanks that can help it defend itself.

Western countries have been debating whether to support Ukraine with models like the Leclerc (French), Leopard 2 (German), Challenger 2 (British) and M1 Abrams (American).

Those tanks are powerful weapons for a number of reasons, reports Le Monde.

Their thick armor protects them from attacks and they're equipped with a large-caliber gun with thermal cameras that help it fire with accuracy at night and over long distance.

They also use advanced computer systems to gather and transmit information.

so what?
New tanks can be of great help to Ukraine but Western countries are worried they may also have a negative effect.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may choose to see new tanks in Ukraine as a sign that Western countries have entered the war. That could push Western countries closer to a direct military conflict with Russia.

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