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Tech companies still seen as best places to work

January 2023
Tech companies still dominate the ranking of the best places to work. Still, big names like Apple and Meta have become less appealing.

The drop by industry leaders Apple and Meta can be seen as a sign that current economic troubles are making new employers more attractive, Bloomberg reports.

“Tough times often lead to a changing of the guard – companies that rely on old methods might fall by the wayside, and new companies often rise in times of crisis,” said the lead economist at Glassdoor, a website that allows people to post anonymous reviews of their employers.

These are the top 10 employers according to Glassdoor’s ranking “Best Places to Work 2023”:

  1. Gainsight
  2. Box
  3. Bain & Company
  4. McKinsey & Company
  6. MathWorks
  7. Boston Consulting Group
  8. Google
  9. ServiceNow
  10. In-N-Out Burger
These are the companies that employees have said are best at providing things like a positive culture as well as strong pay and benefits.

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