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Governments around the world are failing to stop corruption

February 2023
Governments around the world are failing to stop corruption. That’s hurting their ability to help citizens and increase prosperity.

Anti-corruption organization Transparency International’s latest findings show that a majority of countries have either stagnated or become more corrupt.

The increase of armed conflicts around the world in recent years has in part been caused by corruption, according to Transparency.

“Corruption undermines governments' ability to protect people and erodes public trust, provoking more and harder to control security threats,” writes Transparency on its website.

In its Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency rates 180 countries using a scale from 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean).

According to the index, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are the world’s least corrupt countries. The most corrupt are Somalia, Syria and South Sudan.

Transparency writes that a trend of increasing corruption in many countries “has the most serious consequences, as global peace is deteriorating and corruption is both a key cause and result of this.”

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