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Egypt’s woes show how war in Ukraine impacts others

February 2023
Vladimir Putin’s Russia started a war with Ukraine on Feb 24 last year. That’s had an impact in places all over the world, near and far.

Egypt maybe one of the clearest examples of a country that’s been deeply affected even though it’s not directly involved in the war.

The North African country is a big buyer of wheat from Russia and Ukraine.

Because of the war, wheat shipments from Russia and Ukraine have been disrupted leading to higher wheat prices.

That’s “made it ruinously expensive” for the Egyptian government to buy the wheat it needs to give cheap bread to its citizens, writes The Economist.

At the same time, tourism, which is one of Egypt’s biggest sources of income, has been hurting.

With fewer Russian tourists, Egypt’s has been hit by less demand.

The effects from the war have added to Egypt’s troubles caused by poor governance by politicians and the influential armed forces, says The Economist.

so what?
What happens in Egypt can impact others.

For example, Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and continued economic troubles could force large number of Egyptians to migrate to Europe.

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