Love quotes from your favorite shows

February 2023
Happy Valentine’s! Here are some love-related quotes from your favorite shows:
“Can we promise that, like … no matter what changes, we always, always put our friendship first? We’ll still go bowling and watch creepy documentaries and we’ll always stay up to watch the Oscars, and we’ll always be able to talk about deep stuff, like this.” - Tao, Heartstopper

“I’m going to listen to every sad song I’ve ever downloaded… on repeat” - Hanna, Pretty Little Liars

"I Want Rhaenyra. I'll Take Her As She Is." - Daemon Targaryen, House Of The Dragon

"All The People Are Fake... But I Like You. And That Is Not Fake." - Wilhelm, Young Royals

"You're our girl, no matter what. Panda or no panda." - Priya, Turning Red

“Just because something is not perfect does not make it any less worthy of love.” – Daphne, Bridgerton

“What if something happens to Jake, and he never gets to meet my baby? I don’t want to hang out with some stupid baby who’s never met Jake.” – Charles Boyle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

“I’m here because you need me to be here. That’s what family does.” – Jolene, The Queen's Gambit

“Sometimes the scars you can’t see are the ones that hurt the most.” – Samantha, Cobra Kai

“There's no flying in my life without you, Sabrina Spellman.” – Harvey, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

“I dump your ass!” – Eleven, Stranger Things

“We don’t choose whom we love, it’s just, well, it’s beyond our control.” – Jaime Lannister, Game of Thrones

“To love, you need courage.” – Nairobi, Money Heist (La Casa De Papel)

“I know this is impossible, but did we all get sexier?” – Klaus, The Umbrella Academy

“I hate everyone else in the world but you.” – Jules, Euphoria

“You're my friend. I love you like a friend.” – Ola, Sex Education

"You may not know it yet, but I'm going to be the love of your life." – Ruby, On My Block

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