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New Nigerian president’s challenges matter to the world

March 2023
Nigeria’s new president faces major challenges that matter at home, to all Africans and the rest of the world.

On Feb 25 Nigerians went to the polls to elect a new president. A few days later Bola Tinubu was announced as the winner.

Losing candidates claimed the ruling party had cheated and some international observers said election authorities’ work was flawed.

That put a stain on the election results. Many people were disappointed as they had hope Nigeria would set a good example that would strengthen democracy in Africa.

Now, the rest of Africa and the world will be watching how Nigeria's new president deals with major challenges.

so what?
Nigerians are hoping the new president will help reduce violence and crime and ensure that more people see economic benefits from the country’s oil exports.

Nigeria’s development is key for strengthening democracies and economies in other African countries.

Places like Europe and the US are also watching closely as they want to do more business in Africa.

Also, worsening crime and poverty in Nigeria could prompt a wave of migrants to places like Europe and the US.

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