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Israel democracy shaken by historic political crisis

March 2023
Israelis from all walks of life, including IT entrepreneurs and military officials, have been protesting against a government proposal that would limit the Supreme Court’s powers.

The proposal is good in part because Supreme Court judges have too much power today, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right allies.

Still, critics say the proposal threatens Israel’s democracy because it would give the government to much leeway to act unsupervised.

Influential American Jews, including former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have also criticized Netanyahu’s proposal.

Even more consequential for Israel’s stability and future has been the opposition by members of the military.

Some fear that unrest within the military can weaken Israel’s fighting capabilities and increase the risk of polarization and internal conflict.

Both supporters and critics of the proposal have accused each other of attempting to take over power by force.

A recent poll showed that more than a third of Israelis fear that the crisis may start a civil war, reported the New York Times.

so what?
The development is huge news because Israel is considered to be the only democratic country in the Middle East.

Instability in Israel could shake up already fragile relations with other countries in the region.

Countries around the world are watching closely in part because they depend on fossil fuel imports from the Middle East.

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