Trump indictment is historic and a major challenge

April 2023
Donald Trump became the first US ex-president ever to face criminal charges. It’s unclear whether that’s good or bad for the country’s democracy.

On March 30, authorities said Trump would be charged for breaking the law in connection with a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.

The decision to Trump shows that no one is above the law, not even a billionaire that’s also a celebrity and former president.

The New York Times writes in an opinion article:

“No jury should extend to [Trump] any special privileges as a former president. He should have to follow the same procedures as any other citizen.”
On the other hand, charging Trump can hurt the democratic system. His supporters argue that Democrats are using the legal system to hurt Trump – who is a Republican – and not to seek justice.

Some citizens see the indictment as proof that the country’s democratic institutions are damaged. The case against Trump may be too complicated to convince doubters that it’s fair to convict him.

The Economist writes in an opinion article:

“Prosecuting Donald Trump over Stormy Daniels looks like a mistake … The case is too uncertain and technical to deliver the clarity America needs.”

so what
The indictment can impact the next presidential election, which will be held in 2024 – Trump’s aim is to run for president again.

Some believe that Trump’s campaign will benefit from the indictment while others say it’d be hard for him to beat rivals if he’s convicted of a crime.

Legally speaking, a person is allowed to run for US president even if they have a criminal record.

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