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Chinese brands’ popularity grows in US and Europe

April 2023
China is increasingly seen by the US and Europe as a threat. On the other hand, Western consumers like Chinese brands more and more.

Politicians in the US and Europe see China as a threat to global prosperity and have taken measures to limit the Asian country’s reach.

For example, some countries have banned government officials from using TikTok, which is owned by a Chinese company. China’s government may use TikTok as a spying tool, according to politicians in the US and Europe.

That’s not stopping consumers in the US and Europe from using TikTok and growing fond of other Chinese brands.

Shein, Temu, CapCut and Xiaomi are just a few examples of Chinese-owned brands that are growing in popularity around the world.

Part of the success of Chinese firms is that they're good at keeping a low profile when it comes to showing their Chinese roots.

One way to do that is to choose names that sound more English than Chinese, reports The Economist. BettyCora or Snapmakers are two examples of that.

so what?
Political tensions between the US/Europe and China could lead to measures that will make it harder for Chinese brands to do business abroad.

That’s bad news for Chinese executives. It means also that Western consumers could be deprived of brands they’ve been liking more and more.

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