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ChatGPT may change how we treat mental health

April 2023
ChaptGPT is increasingly becoming a go-to therapist for people seeking advice on mental health.

That’s making mental health the latest example of a field that may be changed by artificial intelligence.

Al-Jazeera explains:

Typing ‘I have anxiety’ into ChatGPT, OpenAI’s ground-breaking artificial intelligence-powered chatbot gets to work almost immediately.

‘I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing anxiety,’ scrawls across the screen. ‘It can be a challenging experience, but there are strategies you can try to help manage your symptoms.’

AI could be a game-changer for mental health. Using chatbots like ChatGPT to treat mental health can be cheaper and less time consuming than using human therapists.

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Still, AI raises important ethical issues. For example, it’s questionable whether chatbots really understand human patients and can identify behavior showing self-harm risks.

In addition, the so-called generative AI technology used by chatbots is so new that governments haven’t set rules to regulate it and deal with safety issues.

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