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Turkey’s elections matter to the world

April 2023
Turkey holds elections on May 14. If reelected, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, could become a full-fledged dictator and end democracy in one of the world’s most important countries.

This is why Turkey’s elections have a global impact:

Turkey is a military power. After the US, Turkey has the second-biggest armed forces in .

With its large Muslim population, its economy, military and geographic location, Turkey is influential in the politics of Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, the and the Middle East.

Turkey can play a key role as middle man in relations between Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Ukraine and the West.

It has become a defender of Europe’s borders against illegal immigration and Islamist extremism.

With a network of pipelines Turkey aims to be a key transit country for the essential flow to Europe of oil and natural gas from the East.

As Western countries want to decrease their dependence on China, Turkish factories and high-tech businesses could become Europe’s new main supplier of products and labor.

The Economist explains:
“What happens in Turkey matters to the world … Turkey is destined to be a world power. Look at the inroads Turkey has made in Africa and Central Asia over the past decade, the popularity of its soap operas, the success of Turkish Airlines and the number of countries queuing up to buy Turkish drones, and you might think it’s is one already.”

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