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Africa drought shows unfairness of climate change

May 2023
East Africa's worst drought in 40 years shows the unfairness of climate change.

Famine is hitting Somalia hard as the wet season in recent years has failed to bring the rain needed to maintain crops and cattle.

A report has projected that, in coming months, 135 people will die every day from drought-related causes. Millions of Somalis are expected to face extreme levels of food insecurity from April to June.

Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia have also been hit by the drought and famine.

Human-made climate change is seen as one of the factors behind the extreme drought. That means that Somalis are paying the cost of climate damage caused by people in rich countries.

“The people of Somalia can hardly be blamed for” climate change, writes The Economist. “They have emitted roughly as much carbon dioxide since independence in 1960 as Americans have in the past two and a half days.”

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