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Cloning of rare horse could save species in extinction

May 2023
Scientists this year managed to clone a rare horse, which shows that cloning may be used to help save species risking extinction.

It’s the second time scientists succeeded at cloning a Przewalski’s horse, a rare species from central Asia that’s now endangered.

Cloning isn’t new but the technology has rarely been used to clone endangered animals, WIRED reports.

The new Przewalski’s horse was born in February as a genetic copy of the first cloned Przewalski’s horse, which was born in 2020. Both animals were made from cells frozen in a zoo more than 40 years ago.

so what?
A wide diversity of species is necessary to maintain the climate balance humans need to survive on Earth. Every time a species disappears we get closer to making the planet uninhabitable.

Scientists say that cloning alone isn’t enough to save species from extinction. The biggest threat to most species is environmental. Protecting animals’ natural habitat is key.

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