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It’s official - summer 2023 was the hottest ever

September 2023
Global temperatures in June, July and August were much higher than the average between 1991 and 2020.

This summer’s temperatures were the highest on record, according to data from the European Union’s Climate Change Service Copernicus.

“Climate breakdown has begun,” Antonio Guterres, head of the United Nations, said after the data was released on Sept. 6.

Climate change caused by humans’ carbon emissions has led to rising temperatures worldwide. Such change is making extreme weather events more common and intense.

Efforts so far to reduce carbon emissions haven’t been enough to counter climate change. This year, heatwaves and sudden rains have killed thousands of people and caused billions in losses around the world, Bloomberg reports.

Scientist now expect 2023 to be one of the warmest years on record. Unless we stop emitting greenhouse gases we'll continue to see extreme weather events, said a director a Copernicus.

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