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Hip-hop’s future lies outside the US

September 2023
Hip-hop’s first 50 years have been dominated by Americans but a shift has begun and its future will be shaped more and more by artists from other countries.

The style was born at a block party in New York in August 1973. Since then, American hip-hoppers have become the most popular musicians in the US and impacted everything from fashion to sports.

Now, it’s artists from abroad that are taking the lead, influencing American peers and others. Examples are Bad Bunny from Puerto Rico, Central Cee from the UK and Burna Boy from Nigeria, reports The Economist.

Technology and platforms like TikTok have also made it easier for anyone around the world to release their music.

That combined with the fact that audiences like to feel represented, makes it more likely that more hip-hop stars will emerge from outside the US.

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