Argentina shows AI’s power in presidential elections

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November 2023
Argentina’s presidential elections this year may be the first ones where the candidates have used artificial intelligence to make posters and other political content.

The two major candidates - Sergio Massa and Javier Milei - used AI-generated material to promote themselves and trash each other, reports The New York Times.

Posters, digital images and videos were created from scratch using AI. But there were also examples of AI-content putting the candidates in famous movies and memes.

The presidential campaign in Argentina has shown that AI has the potential to become a powerful factor in coming democratic elections around the world.

so what?
The advance of AI poses challenges to democracy as it can be used to spread misleading information. The New York Times explains:

“Researchers have long worried about the impact of A.I. on elections. The technology can deceive and confuse voters, casting doubt over what is real, adding to the disinformation that can be spread by social networks.”

AI in Argentina’s elections offers a preview of how the technology may be used in 2024, a year where several major elections will take place, including in the US, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia and the EU’s Parliament.

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